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You can't put a price on peace of mind. Our Expert Protection packages offers extended service plans for your purchase after the 1yr warranty runs out. Extended service plans can prove invaluable if the product requires repair or replacement parts. We are proud to offer our customers CPS (Consumer Priority Service) to protect your purchases.  

Please contact us to get prices on the different lengths of coverage we offer.

CPS Programs 

Major Appliances: Coverage Length: 1, 2, 3, & 4 Years 

What kind of products does this warranty cover? 

  •  Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Dryers, Refrigerator/Freezers, Ice Makers, Trash Compactors, Ovens, Ranges, Cooktops, Vent Hoods, Air Conditioners, Portable Heaters, Humidifiers, Grills etc. 

  • Products being used in a residential setting (non-commercial & non-rental) 


What is included within this coverage? 

  • Starts date of purchase overlapping the first 30 days & kicking in on day 31 for a possible total of 2-4 years (refurbished products)  

  • 100% Parts and Labor 

  • Materials & Workmanship Defects 

  • In-Home Service 

  • No Lemon Guarantee 


What is not included within this coverage? 

  • Lost/stolen products 

  • Accidental damage/gross misuse 

  • Maintenance related problems (IE: defrosting of fridge, cleaning of stove burners, cleaning lint traps etc.) 

  • Cosmetic issues 

  • Consumer replaceable parts (IE: knobs, handles, drawers, racks, shelves, trays etc.) 


When do I have to purchase the extended coverage? 

On the Date of Purchase 


When does the CPS warranty begin? 

On day 31 CPS will take over the warranty period.  For the first 30 days, here at Bargain Busters we will either replace a defective or non-working unit if we have something similar, or refund the entire purchase if there isn't something compareable to the purchased unit.

What are terms on refurbished products? 

CPS warranty coverage cannot exceed 5 years from the date it was manufactured. 

Do I have to pay a deductible at time of claim? 

Yes - $99.00 deductible at the time of claim. 

What happens if the product cannot be repaired? 

If the product cannot be repaired, CPS will replace it with a check for the current market value 

10 Year Appliance Major Component Warranty:

CPS Component warranties go into effect immediately upon purchase, overlapping the manufacturer warranty. It covers the replacement of one major appliance component.


  • Covers one major component per product for a full 10 years

  • No deductibles or hidden charges

  • Toll free number for service

  • Plan is transferable

  • Many products and components are covered (see chart below)

  • Covers the component only

warranty chart_edited.jpg

  • Rated #1 in customer support and coverage

  • An extension of the manufacturer’s warranty, CPS covers what the manufacturer covers

  • Only factory authorized servicers are used

  • The call center is located in the United States

  • If it cannot be repaired, it will be replaced

  • The price of the warranty is a fraction of an out of pocket repair

  • Typical service call including parts is $200-$225






What will you need in order to process the claim? 

  • The warranty # 

  • The product’s serial # 

  • Description of the problem 

  • A copy of your product’s receipt 

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