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We are a Veteran and family-owned business providing high-quality, Scratch & Dent Appliances for a fraction of the original cost.

Our family started this business so it could do something together, including our parents, all the way down to our grandchildren.  A lot of times, an appliance breaks down, you aren’t prepared for a hefty expense.  This happened to us, we didn’t want to buy something inexpensive(cheap) but couldn’t afford the nice appliances we wanted.  

While we were thinking about this, our washer and dryer starting to act up, so we went and spent our savings to purchase a load of scratch & dent appliances.   
We started storing everything in our garage and just doing garage sales to sell appliances.  We thought that people may want the same savings that we received. Thus began our journey......

We came to realize not only was it a blessing for us with the extra income and having our family involved, but it has now become a blessing for those we give the discounts too.  We don’t have a lot of overhead and expenses, so we are able to pass on those savings.  

At Bargain Busters our goal is to make you feel like a part of our family. We are a referral-based business and enjoy being able to include those that have helped us in the profit we make.  

We are truly blessed to be able to serve Glendale and the surrounding area.  We would love the opportunity for you to receive our family experience by shopping with us. 


About Us

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